ECO-BAPTISM BY FIRE – A Raw Take from the New Girl on the Block

New girl in the Eco Tan family, Sarah, shares her experience starting a new job as a manager of the Marketing team at the Eco Tan HQ!

Eco Tan new girl, Sarah, shares her experience starting a new job as a manager

I’d been keeping my eye out for my next dream job and remember coming across a Marketing position at Eco Tan. I read through the job role requirements – nodding, nodding, nodding. I wrote my cover letter straight from the heart knowing I was a great fit. Starting a new job as a manager in the marketing department at Eco Tan?! Surely this was too good to be true…

The very next day I received a call from the one and only Sonya Driver who asked me all the standard questions in a hurry, and then she asks… ”Do you move fast?” and “Be honest, are you easy to get along with?”, and lastly, “Are you crazy, because I’ve known a lot of crazy Sarah’s in my time…” (insert wide-eyed emoji right here!)

I arrived at Eco Tan for my trial and was seated in front of my arch nemesis – the Mac computer… grrrr. I winged my way around the desktop and assured Mish, Eco Tan General Manager, that I would learn how to master it (note to self: ‘place frantic call to step dad/mac genius to give me a crash course’). I left with a bag of organic Eco Tan goodies to try out for myself (and instantly fell in love with the Face Tan Water – where had this amazing product been all my pale life?).

Anyway, the very next day I receive another call from Sonya (took the phone call at my current work, acted natural, hurried out the door and up some stairs to hide out while I took it) who made me an offer too good to refuse… I was officially starting a new job as a manger on team Eco Tan, without having even met my new boss in person!

That first day was a total exciting head spin.

What else did I expect starting a new job as a manager? The role had been vacant for a few weeks, so hand over was a big intricate process with everyone more than relieved to be flicking tasks on to my endless to do list… wowzer my brain was on overload at the end of that day, from memory I ended up with a migraine! Haha

In all honestly, that Apple mac was my biggest hurdle to overcome in those first few weeks – I’d gone from being an IT whizz on my Windows laptop to now feeling like a total novice, not knowing how to do or find anything in a hurry! Suffice to say I still whinge about the Mac (am yet to be a mac-convert like I was promised I would be) and the whole office are sick of hearing about it.

But I have to say the vibe at Eco Tan was so refreshing – pretty much an all women team, most of them mums like me, all with a sense of humour, supportive and friendly. I felt instantly at home and knew I’d hit the jackpot.

Wow it’s a busy role.

The busiest and most varied I’ve ever had – always evolving and changing and pushing me beyond any of my previous limits!

I remember one day in the first week, having so much on my plate and no real system in place to manage it all. There was more coming at me from all angles and I’m sitting at my desk feeling completely overwhelmed – to the point that I literally could not take in another thought. I’m then directed into a sales meeting where the sales girls innocently ask me how I’m going? Ummm… hmmmm… wrong question at that moment girls!

Without warning I burst into tears and literally couldn’t stop babbling. Super embarrassing and an incredible first impression! Well those girls didn’t miss a beat – one grabbed tissues, someone else went and made me a coffee and they all crowded around in support and assured me this “happens to everyone at the beginning”, and the best part of knowing that was also the realisation that they’ve all been at Eco Tan for years, some of them from the very start. That told me something pretty valuable and very, very cool!

I survived my first week, but could I make it through the second?

The second week in, Sonya decided to have a sale for her birthday. So my trusty sidekick, Paige (videographer and social media extraordinaire) set it all up to launch on social media, I set the sale up in the back end of the website and then we waited…

Shall that day be known forever more as my ‘baptism by fire’? Well I certainly earned my firefighter’s hat with that sale… putting out mini fires all day long! First the website crashed due to too much traffic, then the questions started on Instagram and Facebook about why no one could access the site and why they couldn’t get their discount on our products and blah blah blah… So it went on. I’m busy answering all the frantic questions on social media while I’m on the phone to our web developers. Then I’m answering emails while I’m taking and making frantic phone calls to and from the office… and all the while I’m in my pyjamas on the couch at home. So glam! I barely had time to eat that day!

Moral of the story?

Starting a new job as a manager was and is scary! But here I am 2 months later… I’ve settled in to my dream role, keeping up the pace (just!), juggling my many hats and loving every minute! I’m moving fast like I promised Sonya! I’m even in bed at 9pm every night to recharge for the next day of craziness.

Sonya’s energy and insight is inspiring and she continues to push me to reach higher and further and tap into my inner ‘hustler’. There is NO escaping her clutches… She tags me in ideas on Instagram and Facebook constantly, she emails me questions and she texts me screen shots. She even calls to nut things out that she’s thought of while she was having a wine in the shower! Haha. I love it! There’s only one Sonya Driver that’s for sure.


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